Laser assisted

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About Treatment

Length of Stay 7 Days
Stay in hospital 1 days and 1 nights
Surgery Duration

This depends on the amount of areas suctioned. Contact us for more details

Anesthesia General
Recovery 2 - 4 weeks

One per liposuction incision usually 1 per area – Dissolvable

Drains Not required but can be placed upon request for lymphatic drainage purposes

Laser assisted liposuction is more suited for those who require skin tightening. Laser assisted smart liposuction is minimally invasive and uses a technique  known as laser lipolysis to kill fat cells with laser energy. This type of liposuction can reduce bleeding from the blood vessels located inside the fat. The goal is to melt fat and tighten the skin. For best results we recommend lipolysis and liposuction as liposuction suctions the fat while lipolysis melts it and spurs collagen promoting skin tightening.


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