In your initial consultation you will be welcomed in and a  meeting  with your surgeon will take place. You will be sat in our private consultation room that has mirrors, equipment and a plasma screen TV. Your expectations will be discussed, before photos will be taken and the surgical plan will be outlined. We will show you more before and afters on our screen TV. The surgeon will also analyse your wish pictures and work closely along them

Liposuction results are permanent as long as you follow a fat free diet for 1month post op. It will take years to regenerate fat in the areas that have had liposuction. Try to exercise and maintain a sensible diet.

You can go swimming typically after 8 weeks. Do not wear underwired bras after breast implant surgery for 3 months.

Contact one of our team and we will simply revise the surgery.

Implants will drop and soften after 3 months